Come What May

When I first read this quote I couldn’t help but picture my seven year old son sitting at the dinner table scowling at his plate full of food that he refused to eat.

“You’re going to eat what I made and you’re going to like it!!!!”

In all fairness, he’s extremely picky and rarely likes anything I make. If he had it his way, he’d fill his plate with crab legs and steak every night. <——TRUE STORY!

Cade on his 5th birthday admiring his crab legs

Even as adults, doesn’t it sometimes feel that way. We are handed this metaphorical plate full of food that we’d rather not eat, and we’re told to not only eat it, but to like it as well. As we regretfully swallow that liver and onions (sorry to those who like liver and onions! You do you!) it feels like the worst thing ever! We try to wash it down with a drink and possibly even gag a little, but when all is said and done, we can say that we got through it.

As we all know, life can get tough and thinking “Come what may and love it” might seem impossible, but, what if the “IT” isn’t the trial itself, but more like our life.

We have all been through hard times, and we know that trials will be in our future, but if we believe that we can still be happy and love our lives no matter what comes our way. I know that this way of thinking has helped me to become better instead of bitter.

Trials aren’t meant to break us. We can choose to find happiness even amidst our hardships.

I love this quote so much that I included it in my memoir: I’LL WALK WITH YOU.

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