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Dearest friends, my writing path is moving along! I have decided to focus on writing picture books and will circle back to pitching my memoir. I still have high hopes of getting it published! I will share more soon, but in the mean time, here is an excerpt from my memoir, I’LL WALK WITH YOU.


Chapter 5: Perfect

Minutes later, my phone rang again. It was Michael. 

I didn’t even give him the chance to talk.

“Tell me where to go. Where are they taking him?” All I wanted was to get to my baby. 

This time I could hear even more people talking in the background. 

“Hold on Rosalie, let me ask,” he replied. His tone still portrayed a calmness that confused me. I knew that his training was coming into play, but he was not on the job. This was our son. 

I impatiently waited as I tried to make out the conversation in the background. 

“You’re bringing in a bird?” Michael asked. “Okay, where are you landing it?”

A bird?

No . . .


This can’t be real. Is this really happening? 

A bird meant a helicopter, and a helicopter meant that this was beyond what I had envisioned. Hunter’s life was in danger. 

“Michael?” I said as my voice cracked. “They are taking him in a helicopter? Michael, how bad is it? Is he okay?” Tears started to pour down my cheeks and panic started to creep in.

“Rosalie, he’s stable, and they‘re taking him to the local airport so they can life flight him to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital,” Michael assured me. 

He’s stable?!  

Stable meant that there was a possibility of him being unstable. Things were getting more and more difficult to comprehend and I was now on the verge of losing it. Within seconds, my idea of Hunter being okay had vanished. My expectations had shattered right along with the world I was living in.

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