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Rosalie Mastaler: A No Barriers Story

“It has been a difficult road as we have watched and helped my son adjust to his new life. There are moments when we are still trying to figure it out, but we are grateful for how far we have come. Thank you for fulfilling the vision you had. No Barriers was truly inspiring, and it has changed my life.”

And Then Everything Changed Episode. 61 A Family Survival Story: Prosthesis, Recovery, and Resilience featuring Rosalie and Michael Mastaler

When Hunter became an amputee at just 4 years old his parents had to negotiate a host of feelings including guilt, grief, and worry for how their son would adapt. The loss of his lower leg altered their lives and how they cared for him, but Rosalie and Michael soon realized that the most powerful tool they could offer Hunter was resilience.

Latter-Day Lives Episode. 151 Faith of a Mother Through Trials

Rosalie’s world was turned up side down when a dog attacked her four year old son. The injuries led to his leg being amputated. We talk about the experience, what it did to her family and her faith, lessons learned from trials and how she, her son and her family are using the experience to make the world a better place. Rosalie is amazing. Her faith and perseverance are so inspiring. Tune in Monday.

Optimistically Overwhelmed Episode. 72

“Rosalie touches our hearts as she shares her family’s journey, and it is full of faith, hope, love and positivity. Rosalie’s son, Hunter, tragically lost his leg and she discusses how it has changed their lives… the grief, the entrance into being a family with “special needs”, the way she controlled the narrative, her process of writing their story, and more.”

Remarkable Voices Episode. 9 Rosalie Mastaler, Disability Advocate, Writer, Mother

When Rosalie‘s four-year-old son Hunter was attacked by their police dog, his leg was amputated below the knee. Rosalie became passionate about advocacy and inclusivity, leading her to write a children’s book to offer representation for marginalized voices like the limb loss community.

In this, she aims to bring more diversity to children’s literature.

Latter-Day Women Magazine Winter 2020 Music Video: Light of the World

Christmas music video

Build a Life After Loss Episode 110. When Life Doesn’t Let You Breathe

In three short years, Rosalie’s young family suffered three devastating losses which started with the still birth of her baby daughter. Through it all, Rosalie learned hard-won, valuable life lessons. Listen in as she shares her story with love, grace, and hope.

In this episode you’ll hear

•How unique each person’s experiences are and the importance of owning your story
•What to do when the miracle that you pray for doesn’t happen
•How to help a child through loss and acceptance
•How to get and accept the support you need along the way
•How to deal with the what ifs that are present in every loss
•How to use the power of prayer to when life gets hard

The Special Needs Mom Episode 5. Finding Joy in the Journey as the Mom of an Amputee

Rosalie shares about how it feels to change the way you actually parent when you have a child who’s been through so many changes himself. She explains how she leans heavily on things like reading, her faith, and even writing a memoir dedicated to her son. 

Rosalie also lends advice for other moms (and their children) about leaning into your emotions and adjusting your expectations. Those messy emotions are there for a reason!

Just Some Dads (Michael) Episode. 10 I Will Sell Everything

We talk to total epic dad, Michael Mastaler, former SWAT and K9 officer and dad to three boys just as epic as he is. Michael shares a lot about his experience when his K9 bit his oldest son (who we call Hunter the Brave) bad enough that it led to amputation.  He talks with us about his time in law enforcement and how he worked with his family through those difficult and uncertain times. The last thing you don’t want to miss in this episode is the insight that this giant among men gives us about the way he conducts his life in order to manage some of the world-rocking experiences that he’s had.

Metro News Article

But over the last five years not only has Hunter learned how to able to walk, run and move around independently with his prosthetic, he’s also received grants to allow him to take part in a range of sports. He’s been supported by the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which provides opportunities to people with physical challenges so that they can lead an active lifestyle.

After terrifying dog attack, boy learns to thrive with prosthesis

“Through these past years, Hunter has taught our family a hard but vital lesson: sometimes when you fall, you don’t always get up right away, and that is okay. The important part is getting up and trying again, and again, and that has taken more strength and courage than I have ever had.”

Snag: Episode. 11 “I’ll Walk With You” Michael & Rosalie’s Story

In this episode of Snag Michael and Rosalie Mastaler share the story of how their son, Hunter, was attacked by Michael’s K-9 police dog. As a result, Hunter’s life was forever changed along with their entire family. They share all they have learned in a beautiful story.

Mastaler Named Woman of the Year

“Rosalie’s dedication to both veterans and amputees is both admirable and inspiring,” Obernolte said in a written statement. “It was an incredible honor to recognize Rosalie, who uses her passion for music to better the lives of those in her community.

The Woman of the Year ceremony is held annually and celebrates California’s extraordinary women. The first ceremony was held in 1987 to help commemorate Women’s History Month. The event has become an annual Capitol tradition to salute women who have done outstanding community service.”

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